Tabor Handbells Report: April 2018


Tabor Ringers, based at Tabor Independent Methodist Church Timsbury. have begun a new year of engagements.

The first engagement this year was a sad occasion, when the group played at the funeral of a former founder and playing member.  Eric Brimble resigned from the group in January 2017 due to illness.  Both Eric and his wife, Freda, were founder members and Freda was secretary for many years.  Freda decided to retire at the same time as Eric and they were presented with an engraved crystal glass bell and a framed photograph of the group.

The week following Eric’s funeral the group had a return trip to The Good Companions club based at St Philips and St James Church in Bath.

The Concert planned at Pine Lea Midsomer Norton had to be cancelled because of adverse weather conditions.  A couple of the ringers were snowed in, in their village and another one was stuck in Minehead.  It is hoped a later date can be arranged.

The group are taking the advantage of a gap, for a few weeks, in engagements to learn new music, which we are planning to roll out for our Spring/Summer Season.

The diary is beginning to fill for the rest of the year and especially during December, our busiest season.

Further information, either about how to join the group or for bookings please contact our Secretary Mrs Ruth Bailey (01761) 752049

Dianne Carter

Playing Member.

Where can we turn for some Good News?

Eric Barge, Chairman of the Trustees of Tabor
Eric Barge, Chairman of the Trustees of Tabor

Dear Friends

I wonder if you feel despondent when you listen to the News each day on the radio or television, or read the stories in the newspapers.   Most bulletins seem to be so full of bad news these days – there’s only very rarely a story or incident to make us smile, or lift our spirits!

I expect that, like me, you’re constantly looking for an ‘antidote’ to all the sadness around and the various other problems. These stories can be national, international or sometimes of a local nature. Problems, perhaps within or our own village or street, our Church Family or even within our own families. I know, sadly, that none of us seem to be exempt.

‘Where can we turn for some good news?’ I think I can hear you ask.

Let me try and offer a couple of brief and simple suggestions which I hope may be helpful.

Firstly , we’re in the early days of Spring which I always find encouraging – the days are longer, the flowers are blooming with colour and there’s a little warmth in the sunshine once again.

Secondly, we are in the season of Lent now in the Church Calendar; we can always be inspired by the fact that Lent always culminates in the wonderful season of Easter-tide! Easter is a great time for everyone, young and old alike, and a marvellous time especially for all Christian believers! It forms the true basis of our faith and beliefs and should be the ‘highlight’ of our year!

So, please take time again in the course of the next few days/weeks to reflect on your faith once again, and look forward in prayerful hope towards the Easter Season and the Glorious Resurrection Joy it brings.

With best wishes to you all – especially those not well at present.

Greetings and a very Happy Easter.