Tabor Ringers Report October 2016

Tabor Handbells


After a break for Summer Holidays The Tabor Ringers are back in action and what a fantastic welcome they received when they recently played at Pine Lea Day Care Centre in Midsomer Norton.  Under the leadership of Miss Angie Poole the bells and chimes played well known tunes which the audience sang along to with gusto.  Not only sang but when the Can Can was played arms and legs were being twirled around and flung in the air


The Community singing led by Mrs Lynda Lye also brought a practical demonstration when The Music Man was sung.  Make believe pianos, trombones, drums etc were being played.  Lambeth Walk was well remembered as were the other songs.

Humorous recitations/anecdotes, which brought forth laughter and amusement, were recounted by Mrs Dianne Carter.   All in all a very enjoyable afternoon was had by all.


The Tabor Ringers have been booked again to return at the end of November and this is the start of a very busy season.  Bookings for the remainder of the year include Keynsham Day Centre, Manor Farm Care Home at Radstock, Whitehaven Care Home Midsomer Norton, a Concert at Kilmersdon, The Laurels Care Home Timsbury, culminating in taking part in The Carol Service at our own Church – Tabor Independent Methodist in Timsbury.

A couple of engagements have been booked for 2017.

If you would like us to visit your group please contact Mrs Brimble on (01761) 470891.

Dianne Carter

Playing Member.

Walk the Talk

Margaret, Trustee of Tabor
Margaret, Trustee of Tabor








I am sure many of you will have seen the recent TV series in which Paul O’Grady spent time with the Salvation Army and joined in with much of their work.  Paul spent time with the homeless, addicts, the terminally ill and refugees in Greece.

I have always admired the work of the Salvation Army where Christian belief is very much put into practice.  The letter of James says “faith without works is dead”. We should all think about how we “walk the talk”.

As I write this it will soon be Christian Aid week when Christians will think particularly about the plight of many people in Bangladesh. I hope that Tabor will be able to contribute towards that work.

Much nearer to home, of course, is the opportunity for us to all put our faith into practice by supporting the local Food Bank.  Sometimes our collection bin has little in it. It would be good if Tabor Methodist could increase its giving in this area. Peoples’ lives can change in an instant and often through no fault of their own.

When Paul O’Grady was in Greece working with the refugees, one passer-by became very vociferous, telling the refugees to return to their own country. The Captain who was with Paul commented that she hoped that if something happened in the UK forcing many to leave, we would be welcomed elsewhere. Paul himself commented “these are human beings.” All who are in need are “God’s children” and by helping them we help Christ.

I always recall the words written above the place in Mother Teresa’s home to which the dying were brought … four words: “the body of Christ”.

With Blessings

Margaret, Trustee of Tabor