Margaret’s Christmas Message

I bought a card recently: on the front was the picture of a family, mother, father, two sons and a daughter. They were sitting around and the caption read “Look, it’s been a whole five minutes.  Can’t we get our ‘phones out yet?”

I think that pretty well sums up what life is like for many at the moment, for individuals and for families… many always have a piece of technology in their hand….many walk around heads bowed, not looking at anyone else but at their ‘phones.

Statistics tell us that fewer families now eat their meals together at the table, the settee is the more favoured place and food is eaten whilst watching TV. For many interaction with others is limited and maybe in some cases there is only concern for one’s own needs.

The shops are reminding us that it won’t be long ’til Christmas. Whilst shopping the other day in a big store I did find some Nativity sets amongst the candles, santas, chocolates etc. and was pleased that Jesus was getting a look-in!

In our Advent and Christmas worship we will celebrate through music and the Word that God interacted with the world over 2000 years ago and continues to do so “where meek souls will receive Him”. God did not ignore the world’s needs but came in his Son Jesus Christ to bring light to a world in need. Jesus’ ministry was spent interacting and considering others and we know that in an act of selfless love he gave himself for us on the Cross.

Christians know the Christmas story so well: many could recite the Christmas scriptures word for word and sing the carols without a hymn book. I hope this Advent and Christmas the amongst the familiarity we will all fell that “a wondrous gift is given”and that he will “enter in and be born in us” again. So that as we approach another year we will be even more ready to interact with Him and our fellow human beings serving in a world where there is much darkness. We pray and trust that the “men of strife” will “hear the angels sing” and “listen to the news of love which makes the heavens ring”, and that a real and lasting peace will come to our world.

On December 10th at 3pm we will be offering a Christmas tea to anyone who would like to come and as part of that Christmas tea we will take the opportunity to let others know of the true meaning of the season. The Christmas message was given to shepherds and astrologers, to rich and poor. WE too will interact with all.

I wish you all a blessed Advent and Christmas and may you continue to know and show the Saviour’s love in 2017.



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