My name is Alec and I’ve been playing hymns at Tabor while I’ve been home from University.  I began by playing the piano but after receiving a few introductory lessons from an organist at another church I was also able to play the organ.  The congregation are very supportive and always enjoy music in their services.

It would be really good if there are some other musicians who could help with the music at the services, hymns or otherwise.  Any age, ability and instrument is welcome – the congregation likes variety!  If you are a pianist then you are welcome to come and try the organ or piano.  Tabor has a hymnal which has all the hymns already programmed into it so you don’t have to commit to a regular slot or to play all the hymns in one service if you don’t want to.  You can also play hymns or any other music you like before or after the service or a short piece during collection.

Any help with music at Tabor would be much appreciated.  For more info please contact Mrs C. Shute on 01761 568524

Please click here for information on the history of organs at Tabor