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I expect many readers are watching “The Great British Bake-Off”.

Although the bakers have access to a number of appliances, it is mainly their hands that they use, and what creations we see, especially when it comes the the “showstopper” part. Amazing end products! Perhaps we would wish to be there to sample!

Hands are used in many creative ways.  We only have to think of the work of artists and sculptors and the work of surgeons to name but a few.

Some of you will be familiar with the story of a sculpture that was damaged in a German church in World War 2. The church was rebuilt after the war and the sculpture of Christ was placed back at the front but minus its hands, which had been damaged in the air raid. One day a visitor, an American sculptor, came to the church and offered to sculpt some new hands. The church thanked the man for his offer but declined. Their reason was that when they looked at the image without hands they were reminded that they were the “hands of Christ” in the world.

Years ago when I attended Sunday School we used to sing a hymn “Jesus hands were kind hands doing good to all”. Jesus used his hands in many amazing ways, e.g. he used his hands to heal and to welcome outcasts, and finally his hands were nailed to the cross in an amazing act of sacrificial love, taking upon himself the sins of the world.

Whether we are people of a faith or people of no faith we can all use our hands to be creative, to touch lives and to make a difference. I recall how Princess Diana made a difference when she shook the hand of an Aids sufferer and touched lepers. A former Japanese prisoner of war shook the hand of the soldier who had cruelly treated him, thus offering the hand of forgiveness.

As we seek to use our hands creatively, to make a difference and to show gestures of friendship may we all be blessed.


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