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Eric Barge, Chairman of the Trustees of Tabor
Eric Barge, Chairman of the Trustees of Tabor














Dear Friends

The month of September is always a time of “New Beginnings”. The academic year begins again, and most of the schools resume after the long summer break.  Two or three weeks later marks the start of the new sessions of the colleges and universities. Some young people will be moving into new classes or new schools, perhaps and making a new circle of friends. Several members of our own family will themselves be making similar moves. The older teenagers will be moving school – and possibly home too – and moving away for further education in a new area and environment. I’m sure we all send our best wishes to those young people we know who will be travelling and experiencing moves this time.

Apart from the new academic year, we mark the start of the New Year in the Methodist Church. Some churches celebrate by holding their anual Covenant Services at this time, but others continue with the start of January as we do at Tabor. It is a time for reviewing and re-evaluating life and its purpose and looking at new beginnings.

The month of September is also the time of harvesting. Looking forward, it’s worth highlighting the details of our Harvest Festival at Tabor which we celebrate this year on Sunday 1st October. Our morning service at 11:00 a.m will be a family service lead by Ian Brailey and for our 6:00 p.m United service, we welcome back the Paulton Concert Band. We always look forward to their visits, and I am sure we are in for a splendid evening together. Our Harvest Festival day will conclude with our Harvest Supper downstairs. Please advertise the occasion amongst your family friends and neighbours.


Greetings to you all



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