History of Tabor’s Organs


The Bridges brothers on Tabor’s current organ. Bert Bridges (in the background) was Tabor’s organist for 60 years.

Tabor’s first instrument was the Harmonium. It had a rather loud harsh tone but was the best that could be afforded at the time. All we have today to remind us of it is the short pew towards the back of the Chapel where it was situated and the high pitch pine stool in the lobby.

The harmonium was replaced by a succession of organs: an American organ, a single Manual Sweetland pipe organ, which went in 1946 to the New Methodist church at Keynsham, and a Two Manual pipe organ from Hanham Baptist Church. The current organ came from Clandown Methodist Church when it was closing down. It was built by Joseph Tucker of Bourton, Dorset. Mr Denning had played the organ for 60 year at Clandown and was also keen that his organ should come to Tabor. “Let it go to Tabor, it will be well looked after there” were his word to the Minister. The organ was completely restored. Additional work to the organ case was carried out by Bert Bridges and Alan Lewis. Bert and Wilf Bridges cleaned and varnished all the case panels and cleaned and polished the pipes along the front prior to its re-assembly.


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